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Hi! I am Anne Carpenter, owner of ancypants. Curious about my shop name? Long story short: Anne Carpenter=Anne C.=ancy. So, just for fun; ancypants:)

I've always thought names were fun. I sometimes play a game with my kids at airports or beaches where we people watch and "give" people names. It fascinates me to think that a word assigned to you at birth becomes such a huge part of your identity.
Ancypants was born out of names. In a part of the country (Southern California) where many kids are given unique names, I started hand stamping birthday gifts for friends of my kids, usually charms that could be used to label their backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets, and sports bags. Quite often a recipient would be thrilled because they had never had anything with their unique or uniquely spelled name on it before.
Eventually I added "vintage spoon ornaments" when one of my kids brought me an old spoon they had found in a dumpster (long story:)) and said "Mom, I thought you could make something out of this." It's fun to see which baby names are trending and discover new names as orders come in each year.
9 years later, family and I have relocated to Texas! We are having a great time living in the country and exploring everything the Texas Hill Country has to offer; I had no idea that Texas was this green and hilly and gorgeous.
Over the years I have added keychains and vintage key ornaments and bouquet charms and shoelace charms. I have stamped over 20,000 pieces for weddings, parties, holidays and special gifts.
And each time I stamp a name, whether for an order of 1 ornament or an order of 300 name charms, I know that name represents a person, a place or maybe even a pet :) that means the world to someone!

Fun fact:
-My blue background is actually a heavy, steel table that I happened upon at a garage sale and bought for $10.

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